Athletes and Drug Abuse

Many athletes are using drugs to enhance their play. They push themselves way beyond what they can handle and it causes harm to them. If athletes would be confident in their abilities and not feel the need to use performance enhancing drugs many would still be able to play the game they love today.

Jeff Yalden discuses the zero tolerance policy that high schools have with their athletes. What the students need to realize and what the parents need to do. Take five minutes out of your day to take this video in and actually think about your decisions your making. Jeff Yalden makes many great points in this video for student athletes and their parents.

There are three drugs commonly used by athletes. The first is creatine, this is used as a post workout to increase the body’s muscle mass and strength. The second is anabolic steroids which are synthetic hormone testosterone which also help increase the body’s muscle strength and mass.  The final drug is a steroid precursor which is a substance that the body can convert into a anabolic steroid to increase muscle mass.

            In Houseman’s poem he discusses the death of a dying athlete. He starts off by saying how proud the people were of him and how great he was. The poem then shifts into the death of the young boy and all the sorrows they have. This ties into my topic of athletes and drugs not exactly on the drug aspect but how drugs can kill you and how he died. It shows how you can go from being so high and honored to dying because of one thing in an instant, everything just gone. All your hard work thrown down the drain.

To An Athlete Dying Young by A. E. Housman

The time you won your town the race  

We chaired you through the market-place;  

Man and boy stood cheering by,  

And home we brought you shoulder-high.  


To-day, the road all runners come,    

Shoulder-high we bring you home,  

And set you at your threshold down,  

Townsman of a stiller town.  


Smart lad, to slip betimes away  

From fields where glory does not stay, 

And early though the laurel grows  

It withers quicker than the rose.  


Eyes the shady night has shut  

Cannot see the record cut,  

And silence sounds no worse than cheers 

After earth has stopped the ears:  


Now you will not swell the rout  

Of lads that wore their honours out,  

Runners whom renown outran  

And the name died before the man. 


So set, before its echoes fade,  

The fleet foot on the sill of shade,  

And hold to the low lintel up  

The still-defended challenge-cup.  


And round that early-laurelled head

Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead,  

And find unwithered on its curls  

The garland briefer than a girl’s.

Im in Love With Drugs by Elizabthet Squires 

In Squire’s poem she discusses how easy it is to get addicted to drugs. Drugs can take over

 your life so easily. She starts off by how they make you feel and run faster. Then how they 

enhance your muscle. Finally how even though its illegal it will make you better than 

everyone else. This ties back to my topic of athletes and drug use because how she 

explains it makes you better than everyone else even though they are illegal and very 


Elizabeth Squires · Mar 25

I’m In Love With Drugs (Sports Poem)

I’m in love with drugs
I’m in love with drugs

they lift me into the stratosphere
with their aid and bolstering qualities
I can sprint faster than a frightened deer

I’m in love with drugs
I’m in love with drugs

they enhance my every muscle
they’ve got the effectiveness
of an express train in full bustle

I’m in love with drugs
I’m in love with drugs

I’m the new breed
of sports star
and my daily dose
of illegals helps me well beyond par

I’m in love with drugs
I’m in love with drugs

In Wilson’s poem he discusses baseball players and their use of steroids. He starts off by

 saying how much better players they become and how stronger they get. He then begins

 to discuss the side effects that the steroids are having on the players. Finally he talks about 

how no one is really there for you once you have been busted. How they have no more fans. This ties very closely into my topic because it explains how just one drug can crash your world being an athlete. 

Steroid Age Mutant Baseball Players


All for the power of that little ball.
Their own bodies and reputations they did maul!
No longer even popping a baseball fly.
Power hitting oh so far and high!
Each became an ‘injectable’.
Such power as to be undectable and almost respectable!
They became so familiar with each other’s rear,
But each had such a career!
Jose was the leader and the first.
From his uniform his body seemed to burst!
Juan hit so many long home runs
As to be almost shot from guns!
Ivan became the greatest catcher.
None with greater stature!
Rafael may have used too much?
In the bedroom – no performance in the clutch?
Then, all came tumbling down.
Congress, parents and fans on them did frown!
But who was the early secret leader of this pack?
Who got them on this posterior needle track?
Such powerful Lone Star friends.
Their influence knows all ends?
When Rafael failed his ‘roid test,
Who quickly defended him with such zest?
With all the other problems in the world,
His praise of Rafael did verbally swirl?
Why did on other more serious issues he pass?
Was he ultimately trying to save his own *ss?

Hubert Wilson

I agree with what he is saying, he should leave it up to the specialist to deal with the drugs. He is a football coach not a drug specialist. If his athletes want to use drugs they are going to use drugs and get busted. If they have a problem with drug abuse he is willing to get them help with someone, but he is there to coach football not deal with drug use.

High School Drug Testing

March 27, 2013

Is this going to far or is it acceptable?  I think it is semi acceptable but outrageously expensive for schools to have to pay for. If schools did this would tax prices be raised?